Daniel Piera graduated in Media studies at Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. He finished top of his class with the best academic record that year. He continued his studies and went on to do a masters degree in Fiction in Film and Television, Production and Direction at URL. He also has hands on experience working on various projects as an executive producer, producer, and script writer.
He has gained critical acclaim for his short film La Gota. This short piece, directed by Daniel, centers around only two characters and was made on a small budget under 400 euros. The short film has been officially selected for festivals spanning from Australia, to Egypt.

"La Gota" ("The Drop") accomplishments:

–Won “Best Directing” in the section “Nova Autoria” (“New Authors”) in Sitges International Film Festival 2011.
–Was one of the seven short films chosen by Catalan Films & TV to represent Catalonia internationally in the Short-Cat programme during 2012.
–Was selected by festivals around the world: Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Morroco, Egypt, Brazil, Colombia, Thailand and Australia.
–Was one of the shorts present in the Clermont-Ferrand market, as well as the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2012.
–Was broadcasted on Canal 33 from TVC (Catalonian television) on the show “Sala 33” and on the "Somos Cortos" show from TVE (Spanish TV).


I gained vital personal and profesional experience with “La Gota” (“The Drop”), so I decided to participate in different projects taking different roles, because I thought it was necessary for me to gain different experiences and face new challenges. However, after these projects I had a sense of emptiness and I knew my next work had to be personal. That is why I decided to think about “infidelity”, which is something that has always interested me. I wanted to come up with a short film that could be a small “thesis” about the limits of faithfulness.
Working on a project as personal as this forces me to select the crew from my own personal circle. These are people who have gained my trust and thanks to whom, working becomes a synonym of happiness.


As most of us, I’ve been in a relationship. And again, as most of us, while being in this relationship, I’ve met other girls I’ve liked. Let’s face it: as most of us, I’ve been tempted.
It was during those moments of temptation when I started to think about the act of being unfaithful. I thought that, if I loved my partner, I shouldn’t be thinking about other girls, that I had to distance myself from this temptation and establish some sort of limits to be faithful. But at the same time, I couldn’t help but think that what’s really important in life is to enjoy the moment. In a nutshell: I couldn’t stop thinking about all the variables.
After much thinking I reached the conclusion that it was useless to impose these limits on ourselves because by doing so, we were eliminating the possibility to meet the man or woman of our dreams, our best friend, someone special, or simple someone from whom we can learn something.
If we connect with someone else it doesn’t make sense to force a distance between us because we risk losing possibilities we probably would have never even imagined. And if we really connect, these situations, these words, these looks and these gestures they will keep chaining themselves in an unintentional way that they can’t be stopped. ¿Where are the limits then?
For this reason, initially, the short film was going to end the moment these strangers meet for the first time: it’s the beginning of the end. I thought it was interesting to end it this way but after spending some time thinking about it, I understood that if that was the ending, I wasn’t positioning myself, I was only exposing an idea. I still thought it was interesting, because I presented a question and gave it an open answer but, the fact that it was such a personal story made me feel like I was obligated to give it a response, even if it was the wrong one.
This is the story about a hotel room. It’s only an instant of an intense story between a boy and a girl who meet in a supposedly inconvenient moment of their lives.


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