Daniel Piera

Director | Writer | Producer

Agnès Buch

Producer | Head of Production

Cèlia Mateu

Assistant Producer | Making Of | Graphic Design | Web

Daniel Compte

Assistant Producer

Hugo Machado

Director of Photography | Color Correction

Anna Rajadell

Sound Designer | Sound Editor

Sara Galofre

Art Director | Costume Design

Pedro Díaz

Assistant Director

Carles Moral

Camera Operator

Michele Falci

Focus Puller

Albert Eritja

Assistant Director of Photography

Albert Palou

Sound Technician

José David Martínez

Script Supervisor

Ruth López

Hair & Make-up

Beatriz Escolar

Script Editor | Assistant Producer in set

Marta Fariña

Assistant Producer in set

Xavier Carbó


Marc Mateu

Original Score

Àngela Amer

Graphic Design

Antonio Covelo

Title designer

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