Over 400 people joined us on February 12th at the premiere of “A Hotel Room Story” at the W Barcelona hotel. Two months after the shooting we gave the starting signal for a short film that was born nearly two years ago as a result of an idea that had been a long time in the mind of Daniel Piera, screenwriter, director and producer of the short film.

Saras Gil, Agnès Buch, Daniel Piera & Álvaro Cervantes

Saras Gil, Agnès Buch, Daniel Piera & Álvaro Cervantes

After a reception where Bardinet put the champagne and mojitos, and where the show “Connexió Barcelona” from BTV joined us too, the screening began at 21pm.


Daniel Piera interviewed by BTV (Barcelona TV)

The pass ended with a long applause of the 400 attendees, and preceded the speech offered by Daniel Piera and Agnès Buch, producers of the project, accompanied by Álvaro Cervantes and Saras Gil, co-stars of the film. The first words Daniel had were for Manel Barceló and Tony Corvillo, who where also at the premiere and were stars of “La Gota” (“The Drop”) the first short film Piera directed 3 years ago with a budget of only 400 euros, and with which he won Best Directing in New Authors Section at 2011 Sitges Film Festival. Daniel also thanked “A Hotel Room Story”’s stars: “The impulse Manel and Tony gave me lead me to meet two other beautiful people such as Saras Gil and Álvaro Cervantes”.


One of “A Hotel Room Story”‘s scenes during the projection

“They both are the face of the film, but also the ones who transmitted the soul of it. Thanks to them both we were able to not only do what I imagined but they understood so well what I wanted, and what they were proposing was better than what I had thought before. The characters ceased to be mine a long ago to become theirs, and that fills the writer’s ego.”


Agnès Buch, Daniel Piera (producers of the short film) with Saras Gil and Álvaro Cervantes (co-stars)

Agnès Buch wanted to highlight the efforts made at the time of approaching a project like this, ambitious but with very few resources at the same time, and that had a total budget of € 1,500. As she explained, the short has been possible through collaborations with different companies such as W Barcelona itself, which gave its locations for the shooting; Bardinet, who offered champagne and mojitos before projection; Movi-Cine, which was responsible for the screening of the film; and Spert Gràfiques, which made the photocall for the event, all of them as volunteers. However, both Daniel and Agnès wanted to make clear that the work doesn’t end here, but quite the opposite: “Now is the beginning of an equally or more important work than the one we’ve done so far. We now have to to achieve a powerful distributor for this short film in order to move it across the world. The work of so many people is worth it” remarked Agnès.

Among those attending the screening was Juan Antonio Bayona, director of “The Orphanage” and “The Impossible”, the highest grossing Spanish film of all times, and the second film in history with more revenue in Spain. He also won a Goya and a Gaudí award as best director for “The Impossible”. There was also Kike Maíllo, director of the catalan production “Eva” awarded with a Gaudí as best film in 2012 and which also made Maíllo win a best new director Goya award in the same year. Maíllo was also producer of one of last year’s successes, the catalan production “Barcelona, Nit d’Estiu” (“Barcelona, Summer Night”).

Neither missed the premiere Judith Colell, director and Vice President of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain, which coincided with her main actress, Aina Clotet, who directed in “53 días de invierno” and “Elisa K”, film awarded by the Special Jury Prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 2010.


Aina Clotet with Judith Colell & Juan Antonio Bayona

Some of the other well-known names at the premiere of “A Hotel Room Story” were actors Marcel Borràs, Carlos Cuevas, Àlex Maruny and Greta Fernández amongst others.

This premiere has been made possible by:

W Barcelona Stefanie Rpth

W Barcelona
Stefanie Roth

Bardinet - Ron Negrita Ricard Vidal

Bardinet – Ron Negrita
Ricard Vidal

Movi-Cine Josep Ma. Marín

Josep Maria Marín

Spert Sign Makers Lluís González

Spert Sign Makers
Lluís González

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